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Lamantin - Manatee, Floride © PlanetNoé - J-L Klein & M-L Hubert

Conservation programme for manatees

The Antillean manatee species, the Trichechus manatus manatus, on show at the Parc Zoologique de Paris, has fewer than 700 individuals left in the wild. This vulnerable species belongs to a European Endangered Species programme involving several zoos which contribute to the scientific study of its biology.

The manatee is an unusual marine mammal. Strictly herbivorous, it is extremely attached to its environment, which it chooses according to a highly specific salinity and temperature range.

This endearing animal faces many threats connected with the natural variations of its environment and human activity, including the animals being hurt by boats and fishing nets, the pollution of the habitat, the destruction of seagrass beds, etc.

As part of a conservation programme for the species, the Parc Zoologique de Paris is focusing its efforts on two actions:

  • the reintroduction of the manatee in Guadeloupe, in Grande Anse Bay: the Parc Zoologique de Paris will offer local scientific assistance and support the teams in Guadeloupe as they again learn how to co-exist with the manatee
  • the compiling of an inventory and the monitoring of the manatee in Guyana: the genetic and health study of the two species of manatee present in Guyana (the Antillean manatee on the coastline and the Amazonian manatee of the inland regions)

Thanks to your support, through sponsoring Tinus the manatee, the Parc Zoologique de Paris teams study manatee populations in their natural environment, identify and combat the threats they face and participate in the return of this iconic species to the French overseas territories.