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Serpent liane © Charles Rostand

The green vine snake

The green vine snake has a strong presence in South America, Suriname and French Guiana. This tree-dwelling species lives in forest environments or on the edge of forests.


Class, order and family :
Sauropsida, squamata, colubridae
Lifespan :
up to 15 years (in captivity)
Height & weight :
from 1 to 1.60 m / around 200 g
Incubation :
92-94 days, 4 to 8 eggs
Natural habitat :
sparse forests, shrubs
Diet :
carnivores, lizards, amphibians
Native region :
Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico


Green vine snakes use the rough edges of the bark to help them climb trees. They can hang from branches for hours waiting for an amphibian or small lizard to pass.