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Enfant devant le bassin des loutres, en biozone Europe © Arnaud Brecht

Mobile apps and more

Find out more about the Parc Zoologique de Paris with those mobile applications and books.

Tour guide application

This application for Smartphone is a tour guide that will allow you to locate and discover the different naturel environments mentioned in the zoo as well as the main species that are presented. Locate the animals on the map or in the list and learn more about their biology, their way of life, their interactions with other species, the status of wild populations and the means used to preserve them. 

You will also fin some pratical information to simplify your visit. 

Free application available on: 


Logo App Store

Une application interactive pour vous guider dans votre visite.


Découvrez les différents pensionnaires du parc.
L'application propose un parcours en audiodescription.
Visualiser le plan du parc à tout moment.

Tour guide book

Thanks to this book, available in English at the shop or at the ticket desk for 15€, you will found out more about the animals present at the zoo, through the five biozones of the Park.

Available on the online shop.

Cover of the English tour guide.

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