Summer opening hours: from June 21 to August 31 inclusive, open every day from 9:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Please note: exceptional closure Wednesday July 24 and Saturday July 27 due to the Olympic Games.

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Grand Rocher © MNHN - F-G Grandin

Plan your visit

Here you’ll find advice and tips for planning the perfect visit!

Things to know before your visit

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Olympic Games, the zoo will be closed on July 24 and 27, 2024. We invite you to consult our schedules page for the latest news if you have planned a visit during the Olympics.

Our opening hours change throughout the seasons: consult all the Zoo’s opening times on the dedicated web page.

Please note that the last admission is 1 hour before closing time, both for visitors with tickets and those with an annual pass.

In a logic of sustainable development and for practical reasons, we recommend you use the various public transport services that serve the zoo (metro, tramway, bus, city bikes, etc.).  Please note that there are few free parking spaces around the zoo (most are paid parking, even on Sundays and may be full especially when the weather is good), and that the Route de la Ceinture du Lac is now closed to traffic (no parking). For more information, visit the Getting Here web page.
To avoid wasting time queuing at the ticket office, you can book your ticket online.

  • See our prices and our price conditions on the Prices page.
  • The Annual Museum Pass gives you unlimited access to the Paris Zoo and 12 other sites of the French Museum of Natural History. This subscription is only sold on site.

Find more information and all the advantages on the dedicated page.

All year long, we propose events but also presentations and animal feedings, which change throughout the year and the seasons. The program is available at the zoo entrance.

In order to facilitate your stay, we advise you to plan at least two hours for the visit. You can visualize the visit route by consulting our map.

For your safety

The Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle applies the government security directives for public establishments to ensure the safety of visitors. All visitors must comply with security checks. The Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle thanks its visitors in advance for their understanding and cooperation. Please note: items larger than 55cm x 35cm x 20cm are not accepted.

Here are some useful information to consider before your visit:

  • the ticket office closes 1 hour before zoo closing time;
  • the last admission is 1 hour before the zoo closes, even for ticket holders or pass holders;
  • visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult (> 18 years old) also in possession of an entrance ticket (as settled by the zoo’s rules and regulations).
  • wheelchairs (free) are at your disposal;
  • stroller (€5) and binoculars (€2) rentals are available again at the cash desk.
  • the park does not have audio guides available, but we have a free application called “Parc Zoologique de Paris”, available in several languages ​​and with audio description.
  • the zoo does not offer a locker service;
  • guide dogs for the blind are admitted. For all other assistance animals except guide dogs, please contact the Zoo before your visit;
  • the use of scooters or bicycles, as well as all collective sports activities and those requiring the use of accessories (any ball, racket, skates, etc.) are forbidden;
  • amateur painting, drawing, photography and cinematography, when performed without a tripod and for personal use, are permitted in the parts of the zoo open to the public, provided that they do not disturb visitors and do not exceed safety limits;
  • picnics are authorized, only on our designed areas (chairs and tables, water fountains, parasols). There are also various points of restoration. Consumption of alcohol outside of catering concessions is prohibited.
  • Any exit is final
  • Please note that weather (rain, thunder, heat…) is not a valid reason for cancelling a visit. Therefore, no repayment, nor new ticket can be given. We advise you to come correctly equipped on the day of your visit, or to postpone your visit to a later date.

IMPORTANT: Due to the Olympic Games, the zoo will be closed on July 24 and July 27, 2024. We advise you check our Opening Hours page to be informed of the last news if you plan on coming during the Olympic Games.

During your visit

Our tips to get the most out of the zoo


The zoo changes over the seasons. In winter, a number of unsuspected benefits await you! See our recommendations for visiting at this time of the year:

  • Winter is a time when the alleys of the Park are a bit emptier than usual, and you can enjoy a quiet visit.
  • You can keep warm in the tropical greenhouse, where the temperature is maintained around 25ºC.
  • In winter, some animals (such as pumas) are very active.
  • On some mornings, some viewing bays may mist up due to weather conditions. This usually dissipates in the late morning or early afternoon at the latest, so please come back later if this happens.
  • Before your visit, consult the Zoo’s winter map which shows you which animals can only be seen in their dens and which animals cannot be seen when temperatures drop below 5°C


  • Take time to observe, search, and explore the different viewpoints. Each enclosure has several viewing bays.
  • Don't forget to pay attention to the environment around you during the tour. The animals you are going to see are grouped into 5 biozones according to their geographical origin and their living environment. These changing environments and flora can be surprising;
  • Don’t expect all the enclosures to look like one another. Indeed, their layouts vary according to the needs and ways of life of each species. For example, some enclosures may have dense vegetation while others don’t.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all the animals are there, even if they don’t always reveal themselves at first sight. If you don't see them on your first pass, you can return to the enclosures again later or check when their feeding time is.
  • Just like you, animals look for shade on hot days. The best time to view them is in the early morning or at the end of the day. Late-night openings take place from mid-June to mid-August. 
  • Presentations and feedings take place throughout the day. You’ll find information notices on display around the zoo.
  • Take the time to relax and enjoy the scenery at our zoo: explore les Clairières (the Glades) and their large picnic area, the barefoot walking path, and the children’s play area.

For the well-being of all, here is some information that we ask you to take into account and observe during your visit

  • It is important to respect the well-being of the animals: do not bang on the windows, do not tease them or give them food or objects. Such actions can have a very negative impact and be dangerous for their health!
  • Please keep the green spaces and facilities clean and tidy: use the bins provided and the waste sorting compartments properly; do not climb the trees, climb on the equipment or put children on the enclosures’ guardrails; do not pick the flowers or plants.
  • Picnics are only authorised in the designated picnic areas. To find out where they are, see the visitor’s map.
  • Smoking, vaping (except in the designated areas of restaurant terraces) and the consumption of alcohol (outside the catering franchises) are prohibited.
  • Wheelchairs are available on demand from staff at reception.

Before leaving the zoo, make sure you haven’t forgotten anything! Otherwise, you should be aware that any items left behind that could be dangerous may be destroyed immediately and without further notice. Other lost and found items are deposited at the Zoo's reception, and are donated to a charity if not claimed within a month.

For more information about visitor rules, the full list is available for download at the bottom of this page.

After your visit

We are interested in your opinion! In order to share your impressions with us, you can leave them in our digital guestbook: tablets are provided for this purpose at the Zoo’s exit.

You can also leave us your opinions and comments on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

For more information, see our online FAQ.

We remain at your disposal for any other requests: contact us via our contact form.