Book your tickets online.

Reservation is mandatory for all visitors, including those who are entitled to free admission and holders of admission tickets (tickets purchased in advance, extended tickets, invitations, annual pass...).

No on-site sales will be possible.

During the week we propose a dated ticket for the day of the visit and on the weekend two time slots per day (morning and afternoon).

Please note that on busy days, especially on weekends, there may be long waits at the zoo and greenhouse entrance. The busiest times to enter the zoo are usually in the morning at opening and in the early afternoon.

Our teams are mobilized to guarantee compliance with health and safety rules.

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Copyright-free images

There is a selection of copyright-free photographs of the Parc Zoologique de Paris for the media to use. Download them after identifying yourself to the Press Office.

To download high definition images:
1. Contact the Parc Zoologique de Paris Press Office on +33 (0)1 40 79 80 75 or 54 42
2. Obtain your login and your password
3. Click on one of the links below:
>> The Parc Zoologique de Paris

The copyright-free images are reserved for media professionals who request them, for illustrating articles which refer to the Museum’s exhibitions and events.

Please ensure that the copyright for each image is systematically mentioned.


Chargée de communication du Parc zoologique de Paris
Charlotte d'Introne
01 44 75 20 85
charlotte.dintrone [@]

Chargé de communication pour les jardins botaniques et zoologiques
Jérôme Munier
01 40 79 54 42
munier [a]

Directrice adjointe de la communication du Muséum
Cécile Brissaud
01 40 79 80 75
brissaud [a]