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Coati roux © MNHN - F-G. Grandin

The ring-tailed coati

The ring-tailed coatis are tree-dwelling animals that live in groups in the forests of South America.

Fiche d’identité

Class, order and family :
Mammalia, carnivora, procyonidae
Lifespan :
Up to 8 years (17 years in captivity)
Height & weight :
43-58 cm (excluding its tail) and 2 to 7 kg
Gestation :
7-8 weeks
Natural habitat :
Diet :
Native region :
South america
Statut UICN : 

Least concern (LC)

Mode de vie

Although coatis spend part of their day on the ground searching for food, they are also tree-dwelling animals: they rest and sleep up in the trees. It is also in the trees that mating and birthing takes place, with the female making a nest to protect her young during their first few weeks. In the wild, female coatis live in matriarchal groups and males only join them for one or two months during the breeding season to mate with each female before leaving again.

Coati roux © MNHN - F-G. Grandin
Coati roux © MNHN - F-G. Grandin