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Otaries à fourrure australe © MNHN - François Grandin

The South American fur seal

At the Zoological Park of Paris, the South American fur seals live with another species, the South American sea lions. They also share the same habitat in the wild.


Class, order and family :
Mammalia, carnivora, otariidae
Lifespan :
30 years in captivity
Height & weight :
1.50 m for females, 1.90 m for males and 40 t0 60 kg for females, and 120 to 200 kg for males
Gestation :
11 months
Natural habitat :
Rocky coastlines
Diet :
Native region :
Coastlines of South America, Peru and Argentina
Statut UICN : 

Least concern (LC)


These social and gregarious animals live in colonies called rookeries. Hierarchical relations are very pronounced, with males actively defending their territory.

Distinctive features

As with other seals, sexual dimorphism is pronounced, with males being significantly heavier and larger than females.

Otaries à fourrure australe © MNHN - François Grandin

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