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Crapaud accoucheur portant ses oeufs autour de ses pattes arrières © MNHN - F-G Grandin

The midwife toad

The midwife toad is an amphibian species whose living individuals have only been observed since the 1980s.


Class, order and family :
Amphibia, Anura, Alytidae
Life span :
up to 5 years
Size & Weight :
3 - 4 cm and about 5 g
Larval stage :
1½ - 2 months, 7 – 12 eggs
Natural habitat :
streams, deep ponds
Diet :
Native region :
Spain: the island of Majorca
Conservation programme :
its captive breeding programme has boosted the populations and even enabled other ponds on the island of Majorca to be recolonised.
Statut UICN : 



The male does not give birth, but he carries the eggs wrapped around his hind legs and submerges them in water from time to time. He deposits them in the water shortly before they hatch.