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"Matoutou". Mygale de Guyane © PlanetNoé - Guillaume Feuillet

The metallic pinktoe tarantula

The metallic pinktoe tarantula, Avicularia metallica, is a primitive spider species. It is called the "Antilles pinktoe tarantula" or "whitetoe tarantula".


Class, order and family :
Arachnida, Araneae, Theraphosidae
Life span :
up to 10 years
Size & Weight :
6 - 7 cm and around 100 g
Incubation period :
7 - 12 weeks, a cocoon with 70 – 200 eggs
Natural habitat :
tropical rainforest
Diet :
Native region :
South America, Guyana and Suriname in particular


The metallic pinktoe tarantula is an arboreal spider. It produces silk for a variety of purposes. It makes silk beds on the ground for moulting, laying mats where it keeps the egg-filled cocoons, and web blankets or funnels for a refuge or sometimes as a trap for capturing large prey. The Pinktoe weaves a funnel-shaped web of white silk where it rests, breeds and lays its eggs.
If threatened by a predator, it can project urticating hairs by rubbing its hind legs against its abdomen.