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The addax

Historically present throughout North Africa, the addax population has been widely hunted throughout the 20th century, meaning its population has dwindled to just a few hundred individuals. It is sometimes known as the “screwhorn antelope”.


Class, order and family :
Mammalia, artiodactyla, bovidae
Lifespan :
28 years in captivity
Height & weight :
1.05 - 1.15 m (at the shoulder); 70-150 kg
Gestation :
9 months, 1 baby
Natural habitat :
Deserts, dry savannahs
Diet :
Native region :
North Africa
Statut UICN : 

Critically endangered (CR)

Distinctive features

Females and males have spiral horns that can measure up to 1 metre long. And, while the male is slightly stockier, it is still difficult to tell them apart!

 Addax © MNHN - F.G Grandin